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He runs an internet radio show. What do you do?

"The Citizen," as our undaunted star is called by fans, foes, and friends alike-- but not by his assorted ex-girlfriends-- is carried by streaming/radio services around the world, including iTunes.

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Jul 21, 2016

The Citizen is coming. The Citizen is coming. Jesus. Jesus. Give me a cigarette. That’s because on this episode of “I Am Citizen Abels,” The Citizen speaks loosely, honestly, and openly to your orgasmic delight (and his) with porn star and sex educator, Nina Hartley. It’s an hour of slap and tickle, bump and grind, love, lust and everything in between, entitled “The Rattle Of The Bulge." Remember, as The Citizen always tells you to do, take your top off, your pants, your panties, your jock strap, and your socks, and sit back and enjoy yourself, your private parts, and his special guest, Nina Hartley. Listen to them as they both do what they do best – pretend they don’t want to jump everyone’s bones. "The Rattle Of The Bulge" was recorded July 15, 2016.

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