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Nov 18, 2016

Breezing through school and getting a full ride to medical school, Priyanka had it all on the surface. But as she was examining depressed patients for their symptoms, she suddenly realized that being a full-time doctor would drive her mad, so she picked up stand-up comedy and never looked back.

Named by Refinery29 as “50 Female Stand-Up Comedians You Need To Know”, Priyanka Wali is a stand-up comedienne who performs routinely all throughout California, including corporate gigs, casinos and comedy clubs. She has been featured in Women’s Health Magazine, The Today Show, Uproxx, Cosmopolitan and Healthline. She truly believes laughter is the best medicine, but likes to cover her bases as a board-certified practicing physician in Internal Medicine too.

She currently works as a full-time comedian and part time physician and is known for speaking out about flaws in our current healthcare system.

Listen to The Citizen as he speaks with Dr. Wali on this episode of “I Am Citizen Abels,” entitled, “She’s Not Joking," recorded November 1, 2016, The Citizen speaks candidly with an up-and-coming comedienne and the new black sheep in an Indian-American family that represents 4/5 of all the doctors in Southern California, where you know and The Citizen knows, it always rains and it never pours.

Because a man goes to a doctor and says he can’t pee. The doctor says, “How old are you?” The man replies, “86.” The doctor says, “You peed enough.” jokes like that make The Citizen want to pee in his pants. It’s good medicine wherever a laugh comes from – you, someone else, even your doctor. And that’s what Priyanka Wali believes. It’s what Dr. Priyanka Wali believes too. Give her an amen, brothers and sisters. And pass the ammunition they call jokes and the antidote they call happiness.

So, yes indeed, drop your pants, bend over, and get ready to feel a little prick. Because The Citizen and Dr. Wali on this episode discuss her desire to find a gay husband in San Francisco, her need to be mentally stimulated by intellectual heavyweights, and why so many Americans wind up becoming heavy weights. We all know The Citizen is no featherweight. So be ready. Get ready. Herrrrrrre’s Priyanka.


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