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Dec 2, 2016

Whether you want to believe it or not or whether you see it or not, we live not only in a fast food era, we live in an era when everything is pretty much as fake as a pair of tits on a porn star. That doesn’t mean we need to continue down that road. But it does mean we better wake the hell up before all of us wind up in the borg.

Chef Bill Donovan is one of the bold, brave, and gritty men who believes you gotta’ stand tough in the face of plastic food and plastic people. F’em if they don’t like your opinions. F’em if they can’t take a joke. F’em if they don’t work hard. But Christ, you really don’t like that hamburger?

So join The Citizen on this episode of “I Am Citizen Abels,” entitled, “Slow Food And Grit," and recorded November 22, 2016, as he grills Chef Bill and realizes there’s nothing worse than a hungry mind with nothing to eat but garbage in coming from everyone else’s garbage out.

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