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May 18, 2017

Is the saying “give me liberty or give me death” about divorce or standing in line at Walmart? Is money the root of all evil or just the evil in our political system? Do you prefer air or water? Who the hell knows? In this episode of “I Am Citizen Abels,” aptly titled “The Libertarian Delivers," recorded May 11, 2017, The Citizen and Sean Haugh, the infamous Libertarian pizza delivery driver turned politician and U.S. Senatorial candidate, tackle these issues and more.

Despite occasional attempts to appear politically correct and diplomatic, The Citizen likes to leave these matters to professional politicians like Sean Haugh. As a member of the Libertarian Party because of his strong beliefs against the government interfering with his vision of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, Sean has run for the U.S. Senate three times. The Citizen is left wondering whether Sean is a member of the Libertarian Party or the Masochistic Party or just a garden party. Maybe it’s all three.

Although the two men have a lot in common outside of their shared propensity for going after the wrong women, there are many things they view differently. Like how Haugh views money as a tool for politicians and The Citizen believes the contrary – that politicians are just tools.

Everyone in the U.S. and the world in general has their own ideas on how to fix the broken political system. But our fearless friend, The Citizen, insists that he will continue to play Charlton Heston as Moses so he can tell everyone not to pray to the golden calf. And The Citizen ain’t any ordinary citizen; he knows that sometimes the only way to make things right is to fight. So, put up your dukes and listen to this polite battle royale on politics, women, insanity, pizza, and doing the right thing. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. Oy!


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