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He runs an internet radio show. What do you do?

"The Citizen," as our undaunted star is called by fans, foes, and friends alike-- but not by his assorted ex-girlfriends-- is carried by streaming/radio services around the world, including iTunes.

Whether you love him or hate him (or love to hate him), you can stay up-to-date on all things Abels by using the links below or by visiting our website Enjoy!  

Oct 30, 2016

As a famous Nobel Prize-winning civil rights prosecutor once wrote, sometimes it feels like you’re playing in the ghetto and it ain’t much fun, and the fun you have becomes work even though it’s world-class art. That’s because at many turns, and in many subway depots, the man wants to come stop you from telling...

Oct 15, 2016

If you’ve never seen a ghost, sit in a parking lot outside a mall in the U.S. and look at your fellow Citizens walking around pretending they have problems. But after this episode of “I Am Citizen Abels,” entitled, "In Someone Elses's Brain," The Citizen is feeling like the problem is you. We sit and complain –...