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He runs an internet radio show. What do you do?

"The Citizen," as our undaunted star is called by fans, foes, and friends alike-- but not by his assorted ex-girlfriends-- is carried by streaming/radio services around the world, including iTunes.

Whether you love him or hate him (or love to hate him), you can stay up-to-date on all things Abels by using the links below or by visiting our website Enjoy!  

Jul 24, 2019

In this clip from a past episode of “I Am Citizen Abels” featuring The Citizen’s old friend, cabdriver and poet Seth Goldman, The Citizen listens to his friend’s true story about the great Mel Brooks taking a ride in his cab in Manhattan in New York City. Goldman listens as the comedian, actor, and director...

May 12, 2019

Guy Shahar is a father and autism advocate. His advocacy grew out of the work he and his wife did to help their son, who has autism. In this clip from the original “I Am Citizen Abels” episode Guy appeared on – “Two Fathers Talk Autism” – Guy talks about what early signs of autism appeared in his son....

Apr 11, 2018

Former pastor Larry Reid takes a crack at separating right and wrong – or as Reid likes to think of it, good versus evil. He explains that if we follow the path of the manifestation of our best self, good begins to spread in the world and we begin to see God as love. Tell it, Dr. Reid. Check out the full interview at

Apr 11, 2018

Sean Haugh ran for senate for a 3rd time in 2016 because nobody was running on the libertarian ticket and he knew that neither the Republicans nor the Democrats would stand for peace. Sean views his choice to run for office as a personal responsibility. Check out the full interview at

Apr 9, 2018

Guy Shahar, father, author and autism activist, talks about his difficulties in finding a support network when his son was first diagnosed with autism. Even though Guy and his wife were residents of London, the couple decided to move to Israel to treat their son at the famous Mifne Clinic, which proved to be a life...